Did you know the best incentives for your workers vary not only based on their personality, but their job title? The employees on your sales team bring increased profit and clients for your company, so they deserve to be incentivized! Many companies rely solely on monetary compensation for achieving sale goals but not all workers are motivated by money. Here are the best 3 incentives for sales members of your team.

3 Best Incentives for a Sales Team

  1. Choose Timely Rewards

Creating a sense of timeliness and urgency with incentives is important. Your sales team is already motivated by the calendar to reach goals by the end of each month or quarter, so try encouraging them with a prize at the end! Is there a new movie coming out you could get your team tickets to see? How about a highly-anticipated sports game?

  1. Recognize Individuals

One of the best incentives for your sales team is to offer personalized recognition for top-performing individuals. For the salesperson with the highest numbers, offer a personalized parking spot or hang a plaque with their name honoring them as “Employee of the Month.” Many workers are motivated by recognition alone and strive hard to be the best.

  1. Items to Benefit Productivity

One of the best incentives for a sales team is a small reward that delights workers but also benefit their productivity. Desk items like clocks or products that aid in organization are great choices. If your sales team is on the road, consider getting them a better work phone or accessories to charge their computer.

Timely rewards like movie tickets, recognizing individuals for their performance or offering items that boost productivity are all great incentives for salespeople. Rewarding and motivating workers who bring in profit for the company will keep them engaged. For more tips on rewarding your team, contact Inproma today!

Photo Credit: Mish Sukarev

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