After being indoors over the winter, you may find your office in need of activities for boosting employee morale. It’s the first week of spring and sunny days are making it easier to plan outdoor activities to motivate your team. Here are 3 great ideas for energizing your team by going outside.

3 Best Spring Activities for Boosting Employee Morale

  1. Do Something Selfless

Whether it’s working for charity, cleaning up as a team around your building or even building a garden, challenge your workers to come up with an activity that gets you outside while giving back to the community. Participating in charitable works makes people feel accomplished and motivated.

  1. Plan “Recess at Work Day”

Getting outside and encouraging play is a tactic used by The Air Force to encourage camaraderie and instill team spirit. Although Recess at Work Day occurs on June 18th each year, feel free to get creative and take your employees outside as often as possible to get the benefits of fresh air, open space and boosted energy.

  1. Host a Pick-Up Sports Game

There are many benefits for playing games in the workplace. Games challenge your team to work together and provide an outlet for healthy competition. If a group plans and works well, they have a heightened sense of self-worth and accomplishment in addition to stronger bonds with their teammates.

If you want to boost the fun, consider creating a company-wide athletic team so workers can play a variety of games throughout the year. Branded, personalized jerseys or jackets will make employees feel included and excited.

Doing something that gives back to the community, participating in Recess at Work Day and creating a sports game for your team to bond are all fun outdoor activities for boosting employee morale. Spring offers the opportunity to get moving outside which benefits the overall wellness of your office. For more ideas on motivating and energizing your team, contact Inproma today.

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