Training activities provide employees with an opportunity to grow and improve their skills, but few offices include learning in their employee development plans. Setting aside time for mentorship and coaching sessions can increase your team’s productivity, improve their engagement and raise morale. Here are the 3 best training activities to try.

  1. Train for New Technology

Technology changes frequently and many offices need to be up-to-date on current software and trends. Offering your employees training on new technologies or platforms they use will help them feel more included and prepared for changes in the company. It’s important to train all members of the staff and include them so everyone is on the same page.

  1. Train Off-Site

If you’re hiring a coach or industry expert to educate your team, consider hosting the meeting outside the office. Not only does bringing in an outsider shed new light on your company’s current issues, but off-site training can be an effective team-building opportunity to increase morale.

  1. Start a Mentorship Program

Mangers may feel pressure to find low-cost training activities to benefit their team; mentorship may be one of the most cost-effective options. Forming a mentorship program for all employees (not just new-hires) can save your company the cost of hiring an outside training specialist. Mentorship programs can be formal or informal with formal partnerships assigned based on employee skill level and informal mentorships having much more flexibility.

Being prepared for technological changes, offering off-site training or starting a mentorship program are all effective ways to encourage learning at your company. Investing in employee development will positively impact your workers’ performance. For more tips on keeping a happy and productive team, contact Inproma today.

Photo Credit: Marcin Monko

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