3 Methods of Employee Recognition

3 Methods of Employee Recognition

Motivating employees is an important aspect of office management, but recognizing employees is of equal importance. While it may be thought that financial rewards are best to give, cash incentives have proven to not be as successful, or as appreciated, by workers. Here are three non-monetary ways to recognize employees.

3 Methods of Employee Recognition

  1. Office Recognition

Take the time to make a public announcement of an employee’s good work. Explain what the employee did right and how it benefits the team as a whole. This announcement will showcase a job well done, give praise where praise is due and inspire other co-workers in the office.

  1. Company Email

Sending company-wide email announcements of an individual’s accomplishments is tremendous for employee acknowledgment. This email will give the entire team an opportunity to recognize the employee and for others to share their appreciation and thanks.

  1. Company Rewards

Those who do well at their position usually have an appreciation for, and devotion to, the company. For a job well done, offer rewards and products that they can choose from. Whether it is a new water bottle or a candle, the recipient will be thankful for the reward and motivated to continue working as they have been.

It’s an important part of a successful management strategy to take time to recognize employees for their hard work and accomplishments. How have you showed employees appreciation in the past?

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