If all you go by is television, then working in a large corporate office may not be very fun or rewarding. Reality, however, shows that such is not the case. Corporations are great at implementing team building activities to promote team unity, boost employee morale, and drive productivity. Here are 3 quick and fun corporate team building activities that we’ve seen and loved.

Office Olympics

Office Olympics can be as spontaneous as a quick chair race between cubicles to as organized as a complete sporting event with awards for placing. So whether you’ve got a large budget for these kinds of corporate team building activities or not, you can still organize an Office Olympics. Here are some possible events:

  • Chair Races: race through the office alone or on a two-person team. Who’s the fastest chair in the office?
  • Company Trivia: How well do you know your company? Find answers to obscure company history!
  • Rubber band Slingshots: test your accuracy with rubber bands and crumpled paper. Can you manage to hit a bullseye?
  • Elevator Races: can you beat the elevator up to the next floor? What about three floors up? Race the elevator, race your cubicle mate, or race them both.

Movie-Star Monday

Mondays have a bad rap. This team building activity is designed to help Monday shed its ill-gotten reputation. Create a couple of Movie Star Mondays; dress up for the red carpet event that will be work that day. Celebrate your coworkers and enjoy some special treats or prizes for best-dressed or most creative. You could even celebrate with a movie at the end of the day.

Ready, Set, Relax

Many companies offer some sort of employee health program. Many even offer guided workouts while at work! If your company does offer this kind of program, be sure to take advantage of it. Maybe even organize a quick workout session during the day to help get your blood and brain pumping – and to get new ideas forming.

If your company doesn’t have an onsite exercise facilitator, do some stretches at your desk. Getting up and moving regularly can have a huge positive impact on your productivity and thought capabilities. Plus, staring at your computer screen for too long can hurt your eyes. Go take a walk for a few minutes so you’re ready to get back to work! Take your coworker with you and you’re well on your way to some quality team building.

Team building is as easy or complex as you make it out to be.

It can be done in as little as two to three minutes and with as few as one or two other coworkers. On the other hand, it can be a whole weekend retreat and involve everyone within the company structure. The point is, it can be personalized to fit your needs and team makeup.

We’d love to see how you’re strengthening your team. Comment below or tag us #TeamImproma so we can see (and share!) your success stories.

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