Team building exercises don’t always have to pull you and your team away from the sales floor – or the production line or anywhere else, for that matter. Here are some fantastic team building exercises for at work that we’ve seen in action.

Our Favorite 3 Team Building Exercises for at Work

Customer Delight Contest

The next time you’re at a grocery store, look at the wall behind the cashiers. Odds are, that there’s a series of charts hanging on that wall. One of our favorite charts was one that was actually a team building exercise in the way of a customer delight contest. Sometimes the goal was simply to get customers to smile back at the cashier. Other times it’s offering something above and beyond the usual call of duty – like the bagger offering to wheel the cart out to the car for you. Other times, it’s seeing who can raise the most money for a charity. The point was, however, that everyone was working together to make customers delighted – and they were building teamwork while on the job!

Making it Personal

Another great team building exercise for while at work is to encourage your employees to make work more personal with your customer base. We saw one company, for example, that encouraged their team members to share personal, related anecdotes to clients as they helped them finalize any purchases. Teammates were encouraged to listen in or join in as appropriate. This way, not only did the clients learn more about each other, but so did their teammates. From what we’ve heard, this one was a huge hit with both teammates and customers, as it humanized the entire team to each other and their clients.

Spontaneous Dance Party

So a spontaneous dance party won’t work in every environment, but we’ve seen it work in several sales settings and even in restaurants. At a designated signal, the entire team dropped what they were doing and ran to join in the flash dance in the middle of the store. It was quick so that it didn’t pull away from the customer experience, but it was fun and livened up the entire atmosphere for employees and customers alike. In cases where the selected dance moves were commonly known (like the electric slide or the macarena), we’ve even seen a few customers who joined in on the fun.

Team Building doesn’t have to mean a day off

What it does mean, however, is that your team is taking the time to delight customers while getting to know each other better. Has your company found a great way to do some team building while still hard at work? We’d love to highlight your story – just comment below or on our Facebook page so we can see your team in action!

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