A common workplace trend is moving toward open offices. Removing cubicle boundaries and allowing employees to intermingle helps move away from traditional politics and toward a more engaged office culture. Open offices can have many pros and cons, from offering a lack of privacy to providing a more open work environment that encourages teamwork. Here are 3 tips for creating success in an open office.

3 Tips for Succeeding in Open Offices

  1. Allow Energy to Flow

Using a free-flowing floor plan in your open offices is one of the keys to success. If you line employees in rows or along walls, it creates a harsh environment that harms creativity. Instead, create clusters or pockets for employees so they can collaborate on a regular basis in smaller groups. Make sure to frequently shuffle the groups so you get fresh perspectives and ideas.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Making sure that all elements of your open office work together to ensure employee productivity is important for the success of your company. One of the downsides of open offices is increased distractions that arise in a workday. If you choose to use an open plan, make sure to designate areas of the room for specified activities. Regular day to day spaces shouldn’t be intermixed with reception or meeting areas.

  1. Create Small Moments of Privacy

A lack of privacy is seen as one of the biggest downsides to open offices. In order to keep morale high, allow employees to work in common areas or an outdoor patio if the weather is nice. Letting employees choose where in the office to work is a thoughtful courtesy for shy or introverted workers. Another way to encourage small moments of privacy is to let employees work using headphones or offer computer privacy screens.

Allowing an open plan, eliminating distractions and making sure your employees have privacy are all tips for succeeding in open offices. Have you ever worked in one? What challenges did you encounter?

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