Have you ever been given a task to do, only for it to quickly become a burden? The only real way to combat that is to find some true meaning of work behind the task – otherwise it’s like trying to get kids to eat Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Unless they love the taste or love them for their health benefits, they are going to throw a fit every time it’s on their dinner plate.

Since adults are wired the same way, how do you (metaphorically) convince adults to eat their vegetables? Well, it’s going to depend upon the meaning of work to them. Here are 3 ways that the meaning of that work influences your team – and how you can help your team reach their potential.

The meaning of work: enjoying work is about context

Just as context is important in a conversation or in attributing a quote, it’s just as important when it comes to the work environment. It matters to employees that how they think and how they are is valued. Their feelings need to be valued and validated. Each employee needs to be able to feel that what they do means something. They need to be an essential part of a team.

As long as those conditions are met, the employee is going to see their work context as positive, enjoyable, and fulfilling. These employees will be happier, more productive, and will take more initiative in problem solving. In other words, it’s vital to your company’s well-being that your employees see their work context in this light. Context alone, however, isn’t enough.

It’s about finding a purpose

Work has to be more than just a place that validates them as an employee. It needs to create work environments that construct work as meaningful and purposeful. People want to be a part of something that has a noble purpose.

You’ve already created a product or provide a service that people genuinely need. Now it’s time to help your employees embrace your vision and see the construct. Then, they can share that purpose and enthusiasm with your clients. It’s a positive feedback loop: the more that your employees see the value and purpose, the more they can positively affect the lives of your clients. And the more positive impacts they see, the more value and purpose they will get from their jobs.

It’s about finding nobility through service

Finally, part of learning to enjoy work is by giving back. It’s about finding the nobility in what you do beyond just the material rewards. A paycheck alone isn’t enough. Combined with service, though, it’s possible for your employees and team to find true satisfaction with both their job and their lives.

How do you encourage your team to find nobility in what they do? How do you get them to serve? Sure, you can encourage service outside of the workplace. Better than that, you can lead by example and provide service within your community. Or, take it a step further and create a dedicated work time to take your team and serve together.

Not only will your team find the nobility and satisfaction in what you do, it will also build camaraderie, teamwork, and respect.

Work is more than just an occupation. It’s a calling. It’s a place you go to find context, a purpose, and to serve others. Why not make it the best experience possible for your team? If you want help taking your workplace to the next level, let us help. Just drop us a line.

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