Non-monetary rewards are growing in popularity due to budget allocation and a desire to be creative when offering employees a token of appreciation. Money motivates many people, but chances are it isn’t the best way to reach everyone in the office as many use this money to pay off bills, never remembering what it was used for. Offering non-monetary incentives can not only help your bottom line, but can insert some excitement and fun into your office which will translate into higher morale and higher productivity. Here are 4 of the best non-monetary rewards you can offer employees who deserve a little something extra.

4 Best Non-Monetary Rewards

  1. Find Ways to Have Fun

Consider a new way to incentivize your team by inserting more fun into the workplace. You can reward all employees at once by incorporating gamification into your office. Making time for a couple hours of fun every few weeks will keep morale high and your workers engaged.

  1. Additional Benefits

You don’t have to offer more comprehensive health insurance as an additional benefit (although you could). Smaller non-monetary rewards like closer parking spaces, a longer lunch break or bringing in a massage therapist on a Friday can also motivate your team and improve morale.

  1. Offer Flex-Time

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be tough. Offering top-performing employees flexible working hours, telecommuting options or extra time off can not only bring them more happiness, but it will show you value hard work and recognize they are mature enough to have earned some flexibility.

  1. Personalized Items

Branded items or wearables are a great way to give employees incentive to become brand advocates for your company! Offering personalized jackets, hats, key chains or backpacks like those offered by Inproma not only spread your company’s name around town, but makes workers feel valued and appreciated for having received them.

Finding ways to add fun in your office, offering additional benefits or gifting personalized items are all excellent ways to reward your employees in a unique way that will be remembered. Rewarding employees without offering cash means you can personalize your gift and show extra appreciation. For more non-monetary reward ideas to improve morale and productivity, contact your team at Inproma today.


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