Being able to engage your audience is a key skill for everyone: both in business and the public sphere.  Everyone, from the girl down the street selling lemonade – to the President of the United States, needs to have the ability to engage their audience. Why? Well, the engagement and connection is what’s needed to better sell your products or ideas.  Let’s look at some of the ways to make this happen.

Websites: the end goal to engage your audience

Your website is the single, largest component of your online presence.  It’s your “home base.” Unless you’re already a household name, your audience and potential customers probably won’t stop here first. However, it should be your goal to get them to your website so that they can learn more about how you can benefit their lives.

If you have a blog (and you should, but more about that later), that should be part of your website, too.

One final key website component that many sites are missing is links to their social media platforms. While these platforms aren’t your “home base,” they are the perfect way to guide customers to your website.

Social media: engaging your audience on their turf

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. What do these all have in common?  Your target audience are active members of one or more these social media sites. Many of these, especially the younger generations, will look here to engage with you.  Social media is one of the top ways to get your name out there these days.

Live Q&A sessions, regular posts, responding to any feedback they leave for you – these are all ways to build rapport and get your name out there as a responsive, engaging member of the business sector.

LinkedIn should also be utilized, especially as a networking tool.  Getting your name out with your inner connections, (which will expand to their connections, and so on) is the perfect way to maximize the potential sharing of your product and ideas.

Bonus fact: engaging in discussions within LinkedIn groups will get your brand name known faster!

Blogs/Vlogs: giving your business personality

Blogs are a great way to let your audience know what’s going on in your world, share valuable industry information, and connect with a large audience at any given moment.  Keeping your readers up-to-date on the goings on in your company takes many more words than Twitter allows, and people looking to blogs are usually more willing to read through a longer post than they would on Facbeook.

Plus, blog posts can be referenced again and again – continuing to draw new leads to your site thanks to the wonders of SEO.

Bonus fact: vlogs, like blogs, are another excellent way to attract people.  With vlogs, they can more easily put a face and personality to your business and “humanizes” your business.

Newsletters: channeling leads into clients

All of the above ideas can be neatly packaged and sent out to your followers in the form of a newsletter.  There are various resources available that will package things for you and send them out in bite-sized pieces to the people on your mailing list. Link everything – your website, your various social media presences, and your blog (or vlog) – and see what happens as leads are channeled towards your site.

Your turn!

Now that we’ve discussed 4 key ways to engage your audience, your mission is to implement one new method over the next few days. Bonus points if you also find another business to follow on one of these platforms.  As you keep engaging your audience, you’ll be amazed at how fast it grows!

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