No matter what industry you’re in, odds are that most of your employees are on social media. Some of them may even be logging on while at work. Depending on your industry, you may want to consider turning this habit into a strong, positive (and free) source of marketing, team building, and customer outreach. Let’s go through 4 simple steps you can use to promote team building through social media marketing.

Have an active presence on social media

In order for this to work, your company needs to not only have a presence on the various social media platforms, but it needs to be actively involved. This may mean assigning that duty to an employee or hiring a dedicated social media expert. It’s also possible to outsource this task to a virtual social media manager; this can be a great option for smaller companies with budget constraints.

Be familiar with current events and trends

Once you’ve got your social media accounts squared away by your specialist, make sure that they have the time and resources to keep up with current events, news, and social media trends. Social media trends are easy to follow, as most of them are marked with a hashtag (#). There may be industry-specific hashtags that you’ll want to use in your own social media marketing. If not, your social media specialist and marketing advisor may design some specifically for your needs. Common options include using a hashtag (#) followed by your company name or a hashtag (#) followed by a marketing slogan. For example: #CocaCola and #JustDoIt

Let your employees generate conversation

In social media, the point is to generate conversation and build brand name trust. While at work, let your employees post within your designated guidelines and hashtags. They may snap a photo of themselves helping a satisfied customer and share that with their friends. With your company or marketing hashtag, others will be able to see that your company truly is dedicated to customer service.

Consider gamifying: team building through social media

Set up specific categories and prizes that can be unlocked as your employees snap photos, explain their jobs, help customers, solve job-related problems, and more. You’ll be able to share what your company and employees do, build brand name trust, and generate sincere conversations with your customers. Plus, your employees will be having fun at work as they’re team building through social media.

How will your employees see this outreach?

The ones who are on social media will see it for what it is: a creative way to turn their social media habit into a positive PR move. They’ll be excited to get on board, share what they’re doing, and earn prizes. Those that aren’t on social media may be encouraged to try it or to support their coworkers.

When used right, social media is another fantastic venue to build team identity in addition to serving as an instantaneous outreach with your customers.

What team building activities have worked for you? Comment below or on social media when you use #teambuild.

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