How great is your customer service?

How great is your customer service?

Customers are the lifeblood of your company.  Just as important as acquiring new customers is maintaining excellent customer service with current ones. If you find yourself having problems with even just one of your customers, why not ask them these 5 questions for improvement.

5 Customer Service Questions

1. What are we missing?

It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?  Clients may have expectations you didn’t realize your company wasn’t meeting. Find out what they want and see if it can be accommodated.

2. What would make our service invaluable to you?

Listen to what they have to say. If they tell you what is missing, don’t overlook it – even if you disagree. Consider offering it to make your company the only one they need.

3. What could we have done differently?

Even though you may believe that your company is infallible, if a customer is unhappy, something went wrong. Take a step back and be open to change. Happy customers mean more business.

4. What did we do to disappoint you?

By asking unhappy customers this question you are preventing a revolving door of problems. Hearing what happened to them will benefit future clients.

5. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to see? 

A little magic isn’t bad! By asking customers to imagine what the perfection situation would be allows for a deeper conversation. Sometimes just hearing what a client’s perfect scenario is gives you a playbook to make it happen.

Providing excellent customer service is important to the survival of any business. Simply asking your clients questions like, “How did we disappoint you?” can erase the mystery of what may be going wrong. Come back next Tuesday for five more topics to improve customer service.

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