5 Customer Service Questions

5 Customer Service Questions

How well do customers enjoy working with your organization? If problems exist between you, you may want to look into it. Last week we gave you five questions to ask unhappy customers, here are five more to further understand what may be wrong.

5 Customer Service Questions

1. Why are you still using our product/service?

Though they may be unhappy, they are still sticking with you! Knowing the value of your product or service should push you to increase customer service levels.

2. If this were your company, what would you do differently?

Providing the customer with a platform to express possible changes and concerns can provide insight into what you are lacking. Seeing your company’s world through different eyes may expose you to blind spots that have developed.

3. What is your biggest pain point?

Getting to the root of a problem can sometimes fix everything. The customer knows what happened before you may even realize there is a problem. A little honestly and empathy can go a long way.

4. What are we unsuccessful with?

Reach out over the phone and try to engage in a dialog. Ask customers to respond over email so they have time to think critically. A well thought out answer will provide the best insight to your company’s flaws.

5. What top challenge can we help you solve?

What are your customers struggling with? Discovering their issues will provide an opportunity to be their hero. Nothing has to be wrong to ask how you can help them even further than you already are.

Creating positive relationships with clients is a great way to assure the success of your business. Be sure to be proactive in your customer service efforts and ask key questions like, “What is your biggest pain point?” Using these 5 customer service questions will help you discover how your company can better serve and keep happy clients.

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