Offices are comprised of all different types of employees. The people you hire to be on your team can make the difference of a productive and well-oiled machine to one that is about to fall apart. When hiring for your business, here are five different types of employees you want to find.

5 Employee Types

  1. The Initiator

The initiator is a valuable employee because of their desire to work beyond what is expected of them. He/She doesn’t just complete tasks to be given a new one, they will often create their own plans and projects and present them to management to benefit the business as a whole.

  1. The Positive Agent

Though a positive employee can be seen as just another worker, their gift is that they spread optimistic energy throughout the office. During moments of crisis and failure, this employee remains calm and does not let negativity get the best of them. Just as a bad apple can ruin the whole bunch, positivity can spread just the same.

  1. The Backup

The backup employee is not afraid to reach out of their own world or department. They are happy to help anyone they can, even if it is outside of their expertise. This person recognizes the importance of teamwork and how it benefits the company.

  1. The Goal-Getter

Employees that are goal oriented are beneficial to a business because they are not intimidated by lofty objectives and work a little harder to make sure all challenges are met. This energy can be influential in rallying a team to be just as driven as the goal-getter.

  1. The Voice

The voice of your organization is someone you can always count on to give their honest opinion. Whether positive or negative, this person is not afraid to give their constructive perspective.

While not every employee embodies all five personality types, compiling a team with these personas can be influential in the productivity and success of your business. Is there any other personality type you look for when hiring? Share with us in the comments below.

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