A popular buzz word in management is the use of gamification. Incorporating game theory and mechanics into everyday operations of the office can energize and motivate your team to work well both together and on their own. Here are 2 great examples of gamification in the office and what results you can expect to get out of hosting each activity.

What is Gamification?

Gamification has made quite a name in business applications since it relies on a simple premise: by incorporating game theory and mechanics into regular tasks, work becomes dynamic, challenging and fun.

Game theory says that work and play have the same structure and the only difference is the way the player perceives the challenge. Gamification in business aims to show workers that work tasks and fun can exist alongside each other.

2 Great Ways to Incorporate Gamification in Your Office

  1. Digital Software

The use of software to encourage employee engagement has become more popular in tech-savvy offices. Employees are tasked with playing small software games in hopes of energizing the team and making them more involved at their company. More than 70 percent of employees surveyed said this made them feel more connected to their work and perform better at their jobs.

  1. 2. Wellness Programs

Gamification doesn’t have to apply to just business activities. Health and Wellness programs are a popular way to involve game theory since it can be as simple as rewarding good behavior. A common way game mechanics are incorporated into wellness programs are by using tracking software and rewarding milestones. Like Nike’s popular program that rewards users for miles they run, your office can benefit from incentivizing workers who lead healthy lifestyles.

Using software designed for employee engagement and adding fun to wellness programs are some great ways to incorporate gamification into your workplace. For more examples of game theory at work, stay tuned for Part 2 next week!


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