Last week, we talked about why gamification in the office is important and offered a few ways for managers to incorporate it into their team building exercises. Here are 3 more great examples of gamification in the office, and a few more ways to get your team, up, moving and excited about work!

3 More Ways to Incorporate Gamification in Your Office

  1. Track Goals

Tracking goals and using spreadsheets isn’t the most fun way to measure success. Using gamification tactics can make projects seem more manageable, goals more attainable and the process more enjoyable. Software can be used to monitor progress of major projects, track labor hours or measure the success of online campaigns.

  1. Make Training a Game

The U.S. Army has shown that games make excellent training resources for workers who will be performing individually, as a team or out in the field. There are so many video games in the industry that finding one relevant to your work activities is relatively easy (or use Second Life to create your own virtual world.) Even strategy games that require multiple players are excellent resources to encourage team building and fun.

  1. Create a Certification Ladder

Do you have a lengthy training program for your employees to become certified at their jobs? Incorporating gamification can be a fun way to encourage your team to meet their goals. Offering badges, certificates or titles for workers who have reached milestone levels can keep morale high while working up a larger ladder to success.

Using game mechanics to track goals, playing video games as training or presenting badges to employees as they learn are additional ways to incorporate the spirit of games and competition into your team. For more ways to energize and reward your workers, contact Inproma today; we would love to help!


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Photo Credit: John Trainor