inpromap1Is your workplace up-to-date on the latest trends for the New Year? Trends can affect everything in the
office from productivity and customer relations to workplace morale. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology recently came up with 10 top workplace trends to look out for in 2015. We’re breaking them up into 1 through 5 this week, and next week we’ll share 6 through 10 in part 2 of this post.

5 Workplace Trends in 2015

  1. Changes in Laws May Affect Employment-Related Decisions

Changes in state and local laws can affect human resource practices. New laws regarding the legalization of marijuana – both recreational and medicinal – in some states, and the Affordable Care Act can affect current rules and may need evaluation.

  1. Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Whether a company is seen as being good for the environment or a good at social responsibility can affect a customers purchasing decision and whether or not your company is a desirable place to work. Reevaluate any community outreach you do and make sure your plans for the next 12 months will work to put the business in good light.

  1. Changing Face of Diversity Initiatives:

Having a diverse workplace is not enough to give a company an edge. Companies who know how to utilize diversity and incorporate it into leadership positions have higher rates of productivity. Take a look at the diversity on your team and how best to utilize that built-in power.

  1. Emphasis on Recruiting, Selecting for, and Retaining Potential:

The hiring of a new employee should be focused on long term retention. Recruiting and keeping high quality talent through increased training and developmental programs is key, so look at how you can do even better in 2015.

  1. Increased Need to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce:

In today’s workforce there can be up to 4 different generations working together. Each generation brings with them a different skill set and set of expectations to the office. Putting in the effort to bring the generations together regularly can affect productivity and efficiency throughout the year.

Is your office primed to operate at the top this year? Check back next week for part two of the most important workplace trends in 2015, where we’ll wrap up the top 10 list.

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