Staying up-to-date on workplace trends can keep your business on the cutting edge of procedures and practices. Last week we gave you the first 5 workplace trends in a series of 10 created by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Here are 5 more workplace trends for 2015.

5 Workplace Trends in 2015

  1. Organizations Will Continue to “Do More with Less”

Managers are expected to run successful businesses with declining budgets and fewer employees. Doing more with less may be a struggle, but will force managers to be innovative and creative with daily activities.

  1. Increasing Implications of Technology for How Work is Performed

Technology is continuing to change rapidly and is affecting the workplace. Certain tasks and jobs are expected to become automated in 2015 and how employees interact with each other is likely to change as well.

  1. Integration of Work and Home Life

Technology is not only changing how offices are run, but is also shrinking the distance between home and work. The ubiquitous use of smart phones and social media is influencing the workplace, and new developments in technology are easily implemented to bridge the gap between personal and professional.

  1. Continued Use of HR Analytics and Big Data

Data analysis through software and large databases is becoming increasingly important in human resource decisions. Science and data analysis will aide in predicting and making decisions based off past information.

  1. Mobile Assessments

It is important for organizations to understand and utilize mobile applications for performance management, training and development. The advances in mobile technology from social media and social collaboration are changing the landscape of work performance and keeping up with the progress is crucial for any business.

Use these 5 trends and the 5 listed last week to get your office prepared and ready to operate at the top of its game throughout 2015.

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