No matter what industry you’re in, there’s something you should be prepared for. Whether that means a natural disaster, a power outage, internet outages, or just a coffee shortage, there are steps you can take to be properly prepared!

Being Prepared for Disasters and Outages

There are a variety of ways you can be prepared for different disasters. While we can’t be prepared for every possibility, we can be ready for those disasters and outages most likely for our own areas. If you live in a flood zone, for example, what would you do if your office flooded? Would you have a fall back location? Do you have flood insurance to cover any damaged goods or equipment?

Outages are another likely event. As much as we don’t like to admit it, power goes out. The internet goes down here and there. What backup systems do you have in place for when that happens? Maybe that means a generator, or maybe it means having some old-fashioned credit card slips in a drawer, just in case.

Keep a Disaster Plan at the Ready

No matter what disaster you plan for, be sure to solidify your plan by writing it down and keeping it somewhere handy. We’ve seen some workplaces, specifically hospitals, that keep their disaster plans hanging on the wall. That way, no matter who’s at work and what’s going on, they know where to go and what to do when disaster strikes. They don’t even have to rely on remembering important details during stressful times: it’s written down, easily accessible, and regularly reviewed.

Practice any Drills during National Preparedness Month

Do you remember fire drills from elementary school? There’s a reason that schools have teachers and children practice regularly. If we don’t practice what to do on a regular basis, we aren’t going to remember what to do when we’re stressed. Now, we’re not suggesting you go pull the fire alarm at work, but we are suggesting that you schedule and plan a drill. That way, everyone knows how, and where, to evacuate the building.

Want to get bonus points? Make sure that, just like that elementary school class, you have a fire drill folder. Put a list of each employee’s name on a list within that folder – that way, you can make sure that everyone is accounted for during the drill.

Being Prepared is Smart for Business

By being prepared for any outage or disaster, your employees and team will know that their safety and well-being is a priority. They’ll know what to do to keep themselves, and your business, safe. And, they’ll know how to take care of your clients in an emergency, too. Now that’s smart business!

September is National Preparedness Month. Is your business prepared? Keep your business prepared for anything when you stock up on any of our safety items, like our safety vests!

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