You can reward employees in many ways, but we’ve found that some of the best incentives are branded items and wearable apparel. Employees respond well to non-monetary rewards, and having items with a company logo make them feel more connected, engaged and included in the office. Here are 4 benefits of incentivizing your employees using branded items.

Best Incentives: 4 Benefits of Wearable Apparel

  1. Create a Cohesive Work Culture

Offering employees wearable apparel is one of the best incentives because it helps create a cohesive work culture where each individual feels included as part of the team. This helps raise employee engagement and motivates them to do their best in the office. Actively involved workers can produce twice as much as un-engaged team members.

  1. Encourage Dress-Down Days

If you have a strict dress code at work, consider offering employees branded items they can wear on Casual Fridays or instead of the normal attire. By offering this flexible option, employees will feel like they have more control and the workplace will be more open and inviting.

  1. Create Brand Ambassadors

Employees will likely wear the branded apparel outside the office, spreading your name around town. Studies show the average employee has more trusted insight than the CEO or company advertising. However, if you offer clothing with your logo, be sure to let employees know they will be representing your brand at all times outside the office and should be on their best behavior.

  1. Raise Brand Recognition

Consumers view branded apparel as coming from well-established, large companies. By putting your name on clothing or accessories, it will raise your brand’s recognition outside the workplace.

Having a shirt or jacket with your company’s name can create a more cohesive work culture, relax strict dress codes and turn employees into brand ambassadors. Additionally, logoed items can raise your brand’s recognition around town. Offering employees wearable, branded apparel can be one of the best incentives for your team. For more information, contact Inproma today!

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