A story from a leadership conference has always stuck with me. Here’s the gist of it:

A flock of turkeys goes to a leadership conference. All day they learn important skills, they do some amazing team-building exercises, learn to hide from hunters, and learn how to fly with eagles. By the end of the day, all the turkeys comment on what a great conference it was and they all walk home.

Apparently not all leadership lessons stuck.

Leadership that gets results requires this one thing

In her November 2014 TED talk entitled “Be an Opportunity Maker“, Kare Anderson talked about the one thing that people need to be a leader who gets things done:

Opportunity-makers are actively seeking situations with people unlike them, and they’re building relationships, and because they do that, they have trusted relationships where they can bring the right team in and recruit them to solve a problem better and faster and seize more opportunities.

In other words, the people around us are the single most important factor in not only our success, but in creating leadership that gets results.

Adding these 3 additional traits guarantees success faster

Kare Anderson stated that opportunity-makers and leaders have three additional traits. They are:

  1. They hone their top strength and look for patterns
  2. They get involved in other aspects of the world to gain trust and to be able to see patterns
  3. They communicate and connect around those sweet spots of shared interest

When we’re able to use our strengths to identify areas that need improvement, build the teams to make the changes needed, and involve others in the work, we’re able to cement our position not only as opportunity-makers but also as community and industry leaders. We’re able to make vital changes to the world that makes it a better place for everyone involved.

In short, when we make positive changes in the world around us, we aren’t being one of those turkeys who forgot to fly home. Instead, we’re soaring with the eagles.

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