Inproma.CreativityPart1Did you know that February 6th is “Doodle Day?” While anyone can get a piece of paper and start drawing shapes and stick-figure people, there are benefits to taking “Doodle Day” and using it to benefit your office. In this two part series, I’ll share 10 ways to make your work more creative and how it can benefit the company. Here are the first 5 tips.

5 Ways to Build a Creative Office Environment

  1. Build An Inspired Work-space

Don’t box everyone in with walls and tiny desks. Creating an open working environment will allow employees to think and move freely. Include white boards and plenty of markers for bolts of inspiration and watch the sparks fly.

  1. Grant Flexible Work Hours

When do you have your best thoughts? In the early hours of the morning, during lunch or late into the night? By granting the creative departments working hours outside of the standard 9 am to 5 pm timeframe, you are allowing them the ability to think and work when they are at their personal best.

  1. Grant Unlimited Vacation Days

Along with flexible working hours, being able to take a vacation is a great way to find and discover to creative ways of thinking and working. Don’t let yourself or employees get caught up in the daily struggles or routines that can put anyone in a rut. Whether it’s a random trip to Paris or a staycation, freedom from the ordinary is a creativity goldmine.

  1. Build A Diverse Team

Looking for your professional twin will not guarantee overnight success. Hiring and building a diverse team of different ages, skill levels and educational backgrounds will allow everyone to work off each other and help build a unique company.

  1. Put the Team First

Putting customers first is important, but not as important as putting employees first. Model your business after Virgin Group, which shows that when workers come first, customers and shareholders benefit.

Whether your company uses one or all of these methods, adding a creative element to your office can improve quality in work and employee’s overall morale. Come back next week for part two and discover 5 more tips for building a creative office.

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