fountain-pen-270974_640Working in a creative environment has shown to be instrumental in forming ideas and working productively with those of different skill sets. Last week we gave you the first five tips to build a creative working environment. Here are five more methods to implementing inspiration into your office space.

5 Ways to Build a Creative Office

1. Reward Risk-Taking

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Encourage going after a high-stakes sale or finding a new client that is risky but worth the reward. Encouraging employees to take a chance eliminates disruptive behavior by allowing for risks in a supportive environment.

2. Encourage Disagreement

While it is nice when everyone gets along and employees aren’t fighting, the future cannot improve if everyone always agrees. By encouraging people to speak their mind in a constructive manner, new ideas and solutions can be found to improve current or new projects.

3. Try Group Problem Solving

Having employees from different departments and skills come together to work on solving problems and situations is a way to discover groundbreaking solutions for the current and future scenarios.

4. Be Direct

Encourage employees to be open and direct when speaking to one another. Instead of wasting time trying to tread lightly when they disagree, employees who firmly and respectfully state why they don’t agree get to the bottom of the issue faster.

5. Grant Autonomy and Inspire Responsibility

Giving employees at any level or rank the freedom to work on their own projects with minimal supervision inspires them to be proud of their job and accountable for their role in the company. This will force employees to be resourceful with their time, materials and creative ideas.

Using these five tips, as well as the 5 from last week, you’ll be able to provide a solid creative foundation for your office. Does your company have a strong innovative environment? Share any other tips you may have that worked for you in the past.

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