“Oh, so the part I need isn’t on my truck. I’ll have to special order it and then come back next week to install it.”

While back orders happen, nobody likes it when an issue can’t be resolved in the first visit. Your clients don’t like having to have a repeat call – or be without services while they’re waiting for the repair to happen. Your employees don’t like having to redo work. And you don’t like the cost of a truck roll.

Thankfully, by focusing on reduced truck rolls you can avoid those issues and delight your customers.

Plan for One and Done

Your team knows which parts are most commonly needed on a truck roll. Make sure that those parts are well-stocked in order for reduced truck rolls. Make sure to ask the right questions; leave no stone unturned! Because if a client forgot to ask and calls the office, then your job wasn’t done.

By focusing on having a one and done mentality as you visit a client site or home, everyone wins.

Reduced Truck Rolls through troubleshooting

Another great tactic is to improve over-the-phone troubleshooting. In fact, many companies we’ve talked to have moved towards having experienced technicians answer client concern calls.

It’s a great way to get as much troubleshooting done over the phone. It’s also a great way to prepare the outgoing tech to have all of the parts and knowledge they need to get the job done in one visit.

And here’s how to make it happen…

Getting set up for reduced truck rolls and one and done requires some work. It’s going to require some analysis to see which parts need to be stocked. It’s going to require talking to your team to see what improvements could be made.

And all of this can be made infinitely easier by using an employee rewards program. Employees are most likely to report potential issues and areas for improvement if there’s a program in place to reward problem-solving, initiative, leadership, and teamwork.

In other words, not only will employees see rewards for solving issues, but it will improve everyone’s work day – including yours.

If you’re ready to see how our other clients improved their client satisfaction; reduced truck rolls; and improved their bottom line all through an employee rewards program, give us a call. We’d be happy to show you how such a program can benefit you, too. Just click here to contact us.

Photo Credit: © FotolEdhar – stock.adobe.com