While we understand that not every business, company, or industry can let employees work from home, National Work from Home Week is this week: October 5-11 (the first full week in October).

Staying Motivated through National Work from Home Week

Have you ever been able to work from home? If so, was it easier or harder for you to stay motivated and productive? We’ve heard different arguments for each side, but here are our top 3 ways to stay motivated while working from home.

Run a Virtual Contest

Let’s face it: if you’re running certain kinds of contests at work, your virtual (or work from home) employees may not be able to participate in many of them. If you can, though, run a contest that is either targets motivating your work-from-home workers or makes an allowance for them so that they can still compete in regular contests.

For example, we’ve seen various call centers run contests that emphasize positive reviews on surveys or upselling on orders – two things that can be done by employees who are on location and those who remote in from work.

Have Work-from-Home Retreats

If there are enough work-from-home employees in an area, why not sponsor a company picnic? The employees will love being recognized and getting to meet some of their fellow coworkers. Plus, who doesn’t love a picnic?

Depending on your individual company’s standards and budget, you may want to consider making it a family-friendly picnic with activities, too.

Employee Trainings & Seminars – Virtual Style

Having regular training sessions, seminars, and company meetings can be a great way to keep morale high – especially when the meetings are encouraging and high energy. The great thing is that not all of these meetings need to be done in person. With all of the various webinar services available, it’s getting easier and easier to simply telecommute to these types of meetings – and it may even be more cost efficient!

Does this mean that working from home is right for your business?

Like we said earlier – this is going to depend on your industry. It’s not right for us and it’s not right for everyone. It is fun to think about, though, especially as we see the workforce trends changing towards greater flexibility. Maybe this time next year, you’ll be brainstorming ways to keep your own team motivated as they work from home. Who knows?

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