A friend prides herself on her green thumb. Unfortunately, she’s also super busy. Which means that most years, her poor garden is quickly overrun with weeds.

My friend means well, but her garden suffers from the “one and done” mentality.

Any effective marketing is never “one and done”

Just as growing a gorgeous, productive garden can’t be treated as a “one and done” activity, neither can your marketing be put to “set and forget”. Marketing is something that takes constant attention, care, and research in order to make it be truly effective and efficient for your business.

A worrying trend pops up in marketing and advertising every few years: the idea of a “one and done” marketing campaign. The simple fact, though, is this: it doesn’t work. My friend’s garden, when left unchecked, quickly becomes overgrown with weeds. It’s the same with marketing.

An unwatched marketing campaign can quickly spiral out of control. Why? Simple. Marketing relies on people – and people are ever changing and evolving.

Great advertising is a living, breathing creation

The biggest part of your marketing research is going to always be in better understanding your target market. Why? Simple. If you can understand your market (their needs, desires, wants, fears, driving motivators, and more), then you can better reach out to them. Through your advertising and marketing, they’ll feel like you truly understand them – almost like you are reading their minds when it comes to what they need.

Combine that with your already fantastic product, and they’ll be lining up to buy from you and refer their family and friends to you as well.

It takes a “village” – or at least a great marketing team

Effective marketing for any company requires more than just a single person: it takes a team of experts. That team of experts can conduct the market analysis, research, and constant adjustments needed to turn a marketing campaign into an effective outreach program for your business.

By using a team-led marketing approach, your company will not only avoid the “one and done” trap, but also grow and expand at sustainable, exponential rates. It’s the only proven way to help your company go from “one of the crowd” to leading the industry.

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Photo Credit: © Rob / Adobe Stock