What do your employees need to hear?

What do your employees need to hear?

As a manager, what do you think motivates your employees? Paychecks are not what aids employee retention and produces quality work. Employees are looking for support and encouragement from management and it should come directly from you, the boss. From the book, “Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and–Finally–Let the Sunshine In,” by Todd Patkin, here are three of the top phrases employees want to hear.

3 Phrases for Motivating Employees

  1. “That’s okay, we all make mistakes.”

Who hasn’t made a mistake at work? Especially when employees are recently hired or are learning a something new, errors are bound to occur. Instead of jumping immediately to harsh criticism, remember that being supportive will benefit your employee and business
in the long run. If necessary, review the mistake with the employee and determine if they understand the error they made, or if additional training may be required. Acknowledging that “we all make mistakes” will put the employee at ease and will aid in them learning from the experience.

  1. “I Need Your Help.”

Asking for help from employees is not something that will make them lose respect for you. In fact, asking for help can do the exact opposite; reaching out for assistance could make them look up to you more. Employees know that managers don’t always have the answers.  By working with an employee on a project, you learn additional strengths about your staff and they will appreciate you valuing their thoughts and efforts.

  1. “What Do You Need From Me?”

Managers should always know what their employees need from them. If your workers are stuck, confused or overwhelmed, the quality of work produced will suffer. By creating an open dialog, employers will be aware of issues while they are small, and before they grow into something unmanageable.

Promote employee motivation in your workplace by talking with your team and learning what they need to hear from you. Simple phrases like those above can turn poor morale around and increase productivity. What else do you do to motivate employees? Share your communication tactics for employee motivation in the comments below.

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