What type of artwork will I need for my project?

Adobe Illustrator vector artwork is preferred. Please save as an EPS or AI file. Be sure to convert all text to outlines. If you are unsure about your artwork, an account representative will be happy to assist you.

Can I send art in word or power point?

We are sometimes able to extract files but not all the time. Send us what you have and we can see what we can do.

What if I don’t have the artwork?

We have graphic designers to assist with creating your art needs at $90/hour.

What is the difference between Bitmap and EPS files?

A file such as Bitmap, TIF, JPG, PNG are raster image. This type of image saves information about every dot (pixel) that makes up an image. These files tend to be larger in size because more information is being saved about the image. Raster images may not have a smooth edge.

A vector such as AI or EPS image makes up a picture by storing to points and the angle of the curve between the two points. A vector logo will typically have many points and curves, but far less information is necessary to be stored, therefore resulting in a smaller file size. Vector images are the preferred option for spot color printing and produce sharp, crisp edges in the print process. Raster images saved in EPS or AI are NOT vector images.

What is PMS Color match and is there an additional fee for requesting a PMS (Pantone) Color Match?

PMS is defined as pantone matching system. It is used to make sure that the color of a logo is consistent in any print media. Typically there is a PMS charge if a pantone color is requested as the paint is made to color specification. There is no additional fee for a ” close match” request.

My logo has six colors; will I have trouble finding options?

Your choices will be limited in the type of products that will hold 6 colors or more, however there are many options that allow for a four-color process. Four-color process is the mechanical process of reproducing a full color image with the three primary subtractive color inks (CMYK/ Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) and black.

Are the colors I view on my screen accurate?

Not unless your monitor has been color calibrated. Depending on the resolution and quality of your monitor, colors may appear different. All of the colors displayed in the Accurate Impressions web system are for viewing purposes only. We try and display all colors as accurately as possible, but do not guarantee the finished product will look like it did on your screen. The best way to ensure color exactness is to provide us with a PMS color.

What is a Spot Color?

A specific color in a design, usually designated to be printed with a specific matching ink, rather than through process CMYK printing.

What is a Virtual Proof?

A virtual proof is a mock up of an item that is being purchase usually with the desired imprint. A mock is usually not to scale. The actual imprint area where the imprint area is defined is more accurate.