As we continue to team build together, another way to help your team (and yourself) in finding happiness at work is to encourage them to lead a balanced life. Since we all have the same amount of time each day, our only real currency is time and how we decide to spend it. Promoting a healthy balance between work and home life is vital to helping you and your team find lasting happiness and satisfaction.

Make time to outline your priorities

You know how important it is to define your priorities, but what about your team? You can’t set their priorities for them, after all. When was the last time they reevaluated their activities and priorities? Would your team benefit from a seminar or a presentation on how to define their priorities?
Such presentations, when done right, can have a fantastic, positive impact on employee morale and increase team performance.

Live a balanced life

After you’ve had a chance to realign your priorities, it’s time to live them. By living them, two things will happen. You’ll notice an increased level of happiness in your own life and those around you will notice, too. As you continue to model this happier, more balanced lifestyle, it will reinforce the positive influences to those around you. They’ll remember the importance of leading a balanced life and start making the changes they need to do so, too.

Enjoy a happier workplace with more success

As both you and your coworkers continue to make positive life changes, your workplace will become well known for its high levels of employee morale, low turnover, high job satisfaction, increased performance levels, and more. So many positive, wonderful changes simply by living a meaningful life according to your priorities.

Have you seen this work?

We’d be willing to bet that you’ve either seen this, or its opposite truth, in action. What else can we do to promote a happy, healthy workplace environment? Comment below or on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Take Back Your Health Conference