While there are a lot of individual leadership qualities out there, we’ve noticed that great leaders all have one particular characteristic: a guiding credo. Within this credo or mission statement, great leaders address three particular items: priorities, inspiration, and their reaction to adversity.

Leadership requires rock solid prioritization & principles

Think about great leaders; each knows the importance of following an unwavering principle or a personal north star, so to say. They aren’t trying to follow each and every fad that pops up. They’re solid in their foundation of principles and priorities. They know what’s important and they stick to it. They may face a lot of adversity for their principles, but they continue to stand firm.

Leadership also requires the ability to inspire others

We’re pretty sure that this one relates back to their priorities and rock-solid principles, but great leaders are simply inspiring! They seem to be able to handle anything that life throws at them with a measure of grace and dignity. That’s not to say that they’re superhuman; they just know how to recenter themselves and serve as an inspiration to people around them.

Great leaders are also great at inspiring others to do their best. They naturally encourage others to want to be better, do better, perform better, and become great leaders themselves.

Finally, leadership requires the ability to handle adversity

Loss, difficulties, and general adversity happens to everyone. Leaders aren’t exempt by any means! Even so, they seem to be able to handle problems and difficulties while maintaining their composure. They know the importance of acting rather than reacting to a situation. They also know that their attitude and actions will influence those around them, and they choose their actions accordingly.

These traits all tie together

As you watch for great leadership, we’re sure you’ll start to notice these three traits (and maybe even be able to figure out their overall credo) in abundance. These three traits just seem to intertwine into a single, positive trait where leadership is concerned.

Think about a great leader, manager, or person that you’ve known; have they had these qualities? What other leadership qualities have you noticed or wanted to develop in yourself?

We’ve known some pretty amazing leaders in our time. We’ve sure been grateful for their example and guidance on our own careers!

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