While we can’t give you an exact schedule for when it’s best to recognize great work by your team, we can give you guidelines. Why don’t we want to give you an exact schedule? Well, that’s a great question!

Don’t recognize great work on a schedule

Having a set schedule can be great for a lot of things. However, it’s not always necessary. For example, if you set a quota to recognize an employee every hour, then you’re going to go into award overload pretty quickly. On the flip side, if you set a schedule to only recognize the Employee of the Year, it’s still not going to have the best effect on your team.

If you were to stick to either of those extremes of an award schedule, it’s not going to send the right message to your team. In either case, your team will see the award as some sort of quota, an afterthought, or both. That’s not the right message for building a cohesive, unified team.

What you need, then, are award scheduling guidelines. Having an employee of the month, for example, can be a great place to start. Beyond that, consider recognizing great work done on a weekly basis. Or, if there’s a particularly phenomenal job that’s been done, throw in an award for that day or specific task.

Don’t give awards just to give awards

The main reason that you don’t want to adhere to a rigid scheduling system is that it creates a visibly false sense of accomplishment. And your team will see right through it. You want to recognize true accomplishment, so stick to giving honest feedback and awards.

When you give honest feedback and timely, heartfelt awards, it builds team unity and pride like crazy. And that’s what you’re going for, right?

Do give awards based on your team’s needs

Finally, your team is different. Your awards system should fit your team’s needs. It’s all right if it’s different than a similarly-sized team across the country. Only you know what your team needs to be motivated and reach their peak performance levels. So do what you need to to help motivate, teach, and lead them to that point.

Oh, and no matter what your team’s needs are – we’re here to help. We’ve got specialists standing by who would love to talk about how we can help your team reach their full potential through our incentive and awards based programs. Get the information you need to take your team to the next level when you talk to one of our specialists now.

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