“If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right!” This has been a philosophy shared by the top leaders, managers, CEO’s, and great achievers of past and present. (It’s also been a guiding philosophy for our business.) These top leaders not only produce quality work, but they also inspire it in those around them. There are additional ways to attract (and keep) top employees who produce quality work. And when you combine great leadership with these strategies, your company’s productivity and quality will absolutely skyrocket.

Step 1: Attract Quality Employees

In order to attract quality, top-performing employees, there’s several things that need to be in place. First is a company culture that encourages and rewards initiative, creativity, and productivity. When this includes a management and leadership style that is involved and gives productive feedback, and genuine gratitude, it becomes a winning combination.

By building this kind of cooperative and creative company culture, you’re going to have plenty of fantastic employees – and even more who would love to work for your company! In my science days, I learned that “like is attracted to like”, so quality employees will, quite literally, attract additional quality employees.

Step 2: Encourage Employees to Produce Quality Work

The next step, and really this should be done in tandem with the first step, is to encourage your current employees to produce quality work. This is part of what will create the company culture that attracts top-performing employees. It will also guide your current team towards ever-higher levels of quality work, efficiency, and productivity.

This should be done by partnering up two philosophies: mentoring and incentivizing. When your team is incentivized and encouraged to continue to improve, then they will do what it takes to reach their goals! And by providing them with a mentor, they’ll know the best and most efficient ways to reach their goals.

Furthermore, when you combine mentorships with employee rewards, your team will build and nurture leaders who will be able to continue the trend. This will keep your employees striving for ever-higher levels of achievement as well as producing quality work!

Step 3: Up the Ante – keep things fresh!

Using these steps, your team is going to keep reaching for new heights. By upping the ante and keeping things fresh, you’re going to lead them to new goals and achievements. Now, what do we mean by those two phrases?

When your team is immersed in a company culture of self-improvement, creativity, and forward motion, they’re going to naturally find ways to push the boundaries of performance and client satisfaction. They’re going to find ways to up the ante, so to speak. And part of what needs to happen, to keep motivating your team to this high level of performance, is to keep things fresh. That’s why we recommend changing out your employee rewards at least every 3 years. What’s trending today may not be trending 3 years from now! Keeping up to date guarantees that your employees will always have something that they’re working towards earning – in every sense of the word!

Want to know which are the top-performing employee rewards this season? We’d love to show you. Just give us a call.

Photo Credit: © Rido – stock.adobe.com