What’s wrong with finding new strategies to provide improved customer experiences? Nothing! What you may not know, however, is how few companies actually implement these new strategies.

Why is this the case? Simple: it’s human nature. Not only are we creatures of habit, but we’re also generally wired to think, “Well, if it isn’t broken, it must not need fixing.” It takes time and effort to rewire our brains to keep looking for ways to improve.

A new strategy to improved customer experiences

So what, exactly, is this new strategy to drastically improved customer experiences? It’s creating a positive company culture by focusing on your star employees.

Now, hopefully all of your employees are already rock stars. But by using employee recognition programs, it helps motivate each employee to find that rock star potential within themselves.

An employee incentives program also reinforces:

  • That management is aware of (and grateful for) their team members
  • That the team members do amazing work day in and day out
  • Employee loyalty is a valued part of the work culture (improving retention)
  • A positive work environment

It’s when these factors all combine that your company’s culture will, paradoxically, shift towards an improved customer experience.

Why is this the case?

Have you ever worked at a soul-crushing job where performance was the only indication of your performance review? Unfortunately, almost everyone has had a job (at some point or another) like that. In those types of jobs, the customer is always right (even at the expense of the employee’s self-dignity), employees know that they’re easily replaced, and morale plummets.

It’s a complete 180 from the company culture that you’re trying to develop, isn’t it? By focusing on the employee, you’re letting them know that they’re more than just a part of the replaceable machinery. They’re a valued part of the team and their work is appreciated. By making these simple changes, it creates a culture that is fun, friendly, and productive. Employees are no longer focused on doing enough to keep their job; instead, they can now focus on excelling and exceeding customer expectations.

In short, they’re going to take that same company culture you’ve created and share it with your clients.

The importance of keeping incentives fresh

When you provide branded incentives to employees who reach new performance levels, your employees will keep achieving. They’ll keep setting goals and working hard to reach them.

As you tally results (we recommend quarterly for a minimum of 3 years), recognize their achievements. And, in order to keep the rewards fresh and desirable, we also recommend that you swap out the products at least every 3 years.

That guarantees that your employees will always have something new to work towards; they’ll always have something fresh and exciting that spurs them on towards increased greatness. Your clients will get an improved customer experience, and your business will skyrocket.

Are you ready to see how employee incentivization could benefit your company? We’d love to show you with a free, no-obligation consultation. Just contact us for details.

Photo Credit: © alotofpeople – stock.adobe.com