If you’re like most employers, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for ways to increase productivity in the workplace. But if you haven’t, you should consider the link between employee productivity and company profit. 

Productivity is the amount of work employees must put in to create your product or service. The amount of money left over after paying for the labor and resources needed to make your product is profit. If you can motivate employees to do more work in a shorter period of time you can increase your profitability. But how? People aren’t machines, and they don’t respond well to being pressured. 

What does work is making employees feel valued, listened to, and encouraged: in short, making them feel engaged. Employee disengagement is one of the biggest obstacles holding companies back from increasing productivity, as it quickly devolves into job dissatisfaction. According to The Engagement Institute, employee disengagement costs businesses anywhere from $450 to $550 billion yearly. And if you’re one of the firms that’s losing money due to low productivity caused by employee disengagement, here’s what you should do about it.

Inproma Helps You Increase Productivity in the Workplace

If you want to increase productivity in the workplace, incentivize, recognize and reward every member of your workforce. Don’t only reward the top-performing five percent, because they are few in number. And even if top-performers work at peak efficiency, they cannot provide the same amount of long-term productivity as the remaining 95%. Instead, harness the true potential of your workforce by implementing an incentive program that engages every employee and leaves no one behind.  

Imagine how much more profitable your firm would be if every employee increased productivity for just ten minutes more each day. And the larger your workforce is, the faster any increases in productivity will add up. Because the truth is, your employees are capable of great things. But to get them to really apply their talent, you need to inspire them. The right motivation and a quality incentive program can make employees want to use their full potential once they get a taste of the recognition and rewards you’ve made available to them. They only need to pursue them. 

An incentive program created by Inproma can help you get more productivity out of all your employees, which can give your profitability a tremendous boost. What’s the best way to motivate your workforce and make people love coming to work every day? By using a program that incentivizes, recognizes, and rewards employees. 

  • Incentivize: Incentivizing employees motivates them to reach specific achievements. It can only be accomplished when you offer rewards that employees want and that they are able to win. Because rewards that only a select few can access will never motivate your workforce! Incentivizing employees shows them that their hard work will generate rewards, which increases productivity over time.
  • Recognize: When you recognize employees, you create a powerful emotional incentive for them to work harder. Recognition shows people that their work is valued, which is very important if you want to make working at your firm a fulfilling experience. It proves that employees are working toward something greater than just their paycheck, and that your company has a mission only hard-working employees can achieve.

    Inproma’s incentive programs don’t just offer rewards—we offer badges of honor. When an employee wins a coveted reward, it proclaims their excellence to all, winning them the respect and recognition of their peers. Moreover, our programs enable you to track employee progress and feedback in real-time, which is a capability you need when creating continuous motivation. This gives you the tools you need to improve your company culture and get everyone excited about earning high-status recognition.
  • Reward: Finally, rewards are the ultimate positive reinforcement and are the tangible results of hard work. Inproma offers quality, branded merchandise that your employees will actually want. They can be easily selected through an online store, enabling employees to choose the reward they want most. Best of all, when employees wear or use their rewards, coworkers will be motivated to win rewards too. This has the desired effect of motivating large numbers of workers—using valuable items that fit your budget.

Our Incentive Programs Get Good Results You Can Measure

Companies that keep an eye on profitability need the ability to measure their incentive program’s positive results; because that which can be measured indicates financial progress you can directly observe. It’s obvious when an incentive program is not working. There are high rates of absenteeism, low-quality products, and lost sales. But positive metrics are harder to detect. That’s why you should try Inproma’s incentive programs, which can help you tailor the metrics you track so you can see the positive impact your program makes.

The key to a successful incentive program is to reward the right behaviors. Start by targeting the actions employees can take that can have the best positive effect on your company and customers. Next, be as specific as possible about what you want employees to achieve, and make sure the requirements for having met a goal are clear. Set attainable goals and offer rewards employees actually want. 

Your employees are smart and understand what’s important. Reward their key job duties and features, and they’ll be more engaged and interested in their work. Furthermore, selecting the most important employee objectives will make success easier to measure. In summary, the best way to be able to measure the positive impact of your incentive program is to measure the correct employee behaviors: those behaviors that can best improve your business objectives. And if you’re having problems selecting these KPIs, let Inproma help.

The First Step

Balancing the needs of your business, employees, and customers can be challenging. However, using an incentive program customized to meet your employees’ preferences, your business model, and your budget can go a long way toward achieving that balance. How do we know? Because Inproma has helped countless companies motivate employees and boost their profitability, and our solutions can work for you too. 

Inproma’s incentive programs can help increase productivity in the workplace by increasing job satisfaction, loyalty, morale, and retention. And because there’s a distinct link between productivity and profitability, our incentive programs are an investment that will more than pay for themselves.

Your people have hidden talent—they’re just waiting for you to inspire them. Let Inproma provide customized recommendations on how to harness that potential by incentivizing, recognizing, and rewarding your employees with a program they’ll adore.

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