How do you motivate your employees?

How do you motivate your employees?

Keeping employees focused and motivated can be a constant struggle for managers. Many employees feel uninterested and disengaged in their assignments and workplace.  Motivating employees can be the difference between a productive and healthy environment and a lackluster one.

3 Ways to Motive and Encourage Employees

  1. Thank Them

So many tasks can seem unimportant to an employee. It is a dangerous situation when someone begins to work on autopilot and apathy starts to set in. Displaying gratitude can keep productivity high and is essential for morale. Finding the time to thank employees in person and occasionally write them a thank you note is a great gesture that will motivate employees. You will not only show that you are happy with their work, but you will also let your team know that you see their effort.

  1. Be a Mentor

How large is the distance between management and employees at your workplace? If the separation is small, your team is more likely to be strong and effective. Creating an environment that lowers the walls between employees and management can encourage communication, which allows for a dialog that will help those who may be struggling.

  1. Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

Think that working straight through lunch and staying late is the key to success? This common way to approach the workweek is outdated and is actually detrimental to the worker. Studies also show that vacations are just as important to take, too. Burning out should never be the goal in a work day, month or year. Taking a break, “Improves productivity and creativity…skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion,” according to researchers at the University of Illinois. Maintaining productivity and creativity will not only be beneficial to the employee, but to the business as a whole.

Take time to acknowledge and motivate employees in the workplace. How they are feeling will directly influence how your business is doing. What other ways do you engage and motivate employees?

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