At any given point of your career, you’re going to be on a team. Odds are, it’ll be a relatively small team. Even the corporate empires use small teams, after all. Within that small team, it’s going to be just as important to build a team identity. As such, here are our top 3 team building activities for small teams, no matter how large or small the company is.

3 Great Team Building Activities for Small Teams

Nerf Wars

Arm your team with Nerf blasters and goggles. Then, declare some all-out cubicle nerf warfare. Your team can be split into pairs or go solo. If another team is up to the challenge, make it team against team. Not only will some Nerf War break up the tension, it’ll also help your team learn and use team skills. Maybe they’ll also learn some valuable recruiting skills as they sweet-talk the other team into joining their side.

Once the peace treaties have been signed, the team will feel refreshed mentally and physically ready for the chance to sit down and work.

Dance Party

Another great way to get your team moving is by instituting an impromptu Dance Party. Do you remember those awkward dance circles from the eighth grade? Set one up: have each team member do an original dance move. Then, have them copy someone else’s moves. This isn’t a team building activity where skill matters; this is a team building activity despite any skill levels.

Once everyone’s had the chance to get moving and have a good laugh, they’ll be ready to get back to work as a team. After all, they’ve just seen each other dance. They can handle anything together.

Hula Hoop Inheritance

Sit your team down and tell them to imagine that they’ve just inherited a large shipment of hula hoops thanks to a long-lost relative’s newly discovered will. Have your team brainstorm how they’ll handle this large shipment and any related details.

As a bonus, have each team member hula hoop while they brain storm. That’ll help get the blood – and ideas – flowing. The team will then be ready to tackle any other big problems in their way.

Small Teams: Having Fun & Working Hard

Just because your team is small doesn’t mean that they can’t pull together to accomplish some amazing things. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to be reminded through some fun, creative team building skills.

What team building activities has your team done lately? Comment below or tag us on social media so we can see your team in action. #TeamImproma

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