When you get Murphy’s law (or Steve Carrell’s character Michael Scott from The Office) involved, any workplace can become hazardous. That’s why it’s so important to keep the whole team focused on safety. And what better way to promote a safe workforce than through recognition?

Safety impacts the whole team

At first glance, you may wonder why a company that specializes in employee motivation and incentives worries about safety. And while most offices aren’t terribly dangerous, we do have to be more careful around our in-house embroidery equipment and when lifting heavy boxes as we fulfill orders.

When an employee is injured in a workplace accident, it does more than just injure that team member: it can affect the rest of the team psychologically. Whether that means they’re more careful at work (which is what we’re all hoping for, even without the accident) or that they’re more intimidated to do their jobs, it has an effect.

Employee health is also a big issue

We’re also concerned with employee health because of the tremendous impact it can have on your whole team. Think about it: when an employee comes to work with a nasty cold, it sure seems like everyone at work gets it!

So rather than risk letting safety or health concerns derail your productivity, here are some ways you can keep your team happy, healthy, and safe.

Here’s how to promote a safe workforce through recognition

In team meetings, highlight your safety stories. In one hospital emergency room, each nursing shift gathers to tell stories about promoting patient safety. In this way, it keeps patient (and employee) safety in everyone’s minds. This keeps everyone safer!

Another great thing to recognize in meetings is your safety streaks. If you’ve gone a month without an accident, highlight it! Offering incentives to your team is a great way to extend the safety streak, too. The longer the streak, the better the incentives. This could be done on either a team or an individual level – or both.

Other ways to promote safety are to keep signs that display reminders to be safe, as well as how long the team has managed to do so successfully. Keeping these kinds of signs will help keep safety a priority!

Employee safety and health is a huge topic; there are so many wonderful ways and methods to promote a safe workforce. But promoting a safe workforce through recognition and incentives is not only our favorite method, it’s also one that’s been proven to work effectively no matter the industry.

Would you like to see how your business can be safer through using rewards and incentives? We’d love to help your business reach new safety levels. Just click here to contact us now.

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