What leadership qualities do you possess?

What leadership qualities do you possess?

Whether you call yourself a boss, manager or employer, you are a leader to everyone that works with you and for you. Having a positive reputation amongst employees can affect productivity and morale levels throughout the office. Here are three leadership qualities that are most valued in the workplace.

 3 Top Qualities of a Leader

  1. Commitment

If an employer expects employees to work hard and show a high level of dedication to their job, the boss should display an even better work ethic. Sometimes the job goes beyond regular business hours and people may need to stay late or come in early. Employees are more likely to work those extra hours if the boss is right there with them. If the manager of a workplace is leaving while other are still working, the level of dedication and commitment amongst employees will quickly vanish.

  1. Ability to Delegate

As much as a boss may want to take over every task and be in charge of all projects, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to have a hand in everything. By delegating tasks you are opening up time in your day to focus on big picture situations. Also, by giving projects to employees you are providing growth and learning opportunities that otherwise would not have been available.

  1. Communication

The ability to clearly explain and express to employees how projects are to be done is an essential quality of a leader. Healthy lines of communication are vital to a successful workplace and confident employees. When workers know and understand what they are doing, finished projects tend to be done with a higher quality of work and retention rates of employees are greater.

Great leaders inspire great workers, which leads to an efficient and productive work environment. Are there certain qualities you like to see in your managers?  What qualities do you possess that have a positive impact on your employees? Share your success stories in the comments below.

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