Have you ever used a Google Alert? It’s an easy and quick way to keep up on what other people are saying about your brand. In fact, thanks to the Internet, we can get a better grasp on how others perceive our brand than we could at any other time.

However, people also know that whatever they publish on the Internet is available for everyone to see. It reminds me of those family dinners where something horrible-tasting was served… and then the chef asked for my opinion right then and there.

When we ask for live feedback, we’re often putting our clients (or potential clients) in that same seat. It can make them feel uncomfortable to know that they’re being watched so carefully. However, there’s an easy fix.

In his recent TED talk titled “3 ways to (usefully) lose control of your brand,” Tim Leberecht brings up a fantastic point… that one of the best ways to strengthen your brand is by giving up some of that control to your employees.

Empower your Team

When you give your team the power and autonomy they need to help clients and solve their problems, it does two things. First, it helps your team develop a greater sense of investment in your company. And when they feel like a valued part of the team, they’ll naturally provide better customer service. Second, it gives your employees the creative freedom to provide that fantastic customer service.

Keep your customer’s attention

Another fantastic part of giving up some control (this time to clients) is that it can have a profound influence on how your customers see you. In the TED talk, Leberecht gives the example of clothier Patagonia. Patagonia ran a “don’t buy this jacket” campaign and encouraged people to buy their used items on eBay. In short, they traded a short-term hit to sales for long-term client loyalty.

There is, however, a balance to be had. Leberecht gave another example: travel service Nextpedition. By turning a trip into a game, where clients don’t necessarily know where they’re going until right before they get there, it gives clients a unique experience full of fun twists and turns.

Where should your company sit on that spectrum of giving up (some) control to clients? Well, it’s going to depend on your company, your USP, and your company culture. But when your team has the power to help your clients, that’s a guaranteed win.

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Photo Credit: © Karen & Uwe Annas – stock.adobe.com