Whether you’re a leader or trying to build a team, an important aspect to remember is to lead by example. This is true for any aspect of leadership, but it’s especially true when it comes to team building. Your employees and coworkers will learn far more about you by the way you behave and perform under stress than they will from any motivational speeches or presentations you give.

One team building method, done by promoting a healthy lifestyle, is a lot easier to talk about than do. It’s far too easy to justify that you’re busy with a deadline or that you have an early meeting, so you’ll get back to exercising and eating right later. However, you’re team building through promoting a healthy lifestyle: what are your employees and coworkers learning from your example?

Performance increases by promoting a healthy lifestyle

It’s been shown time and time again that leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle leads to increased capability and performance. Are you limiting yourself by neglecting your own health? We sure hope not! Beyond that, what are you subconsciously teaching your employees? In order to succeed in your business, do they need to neglect their health and push through long nights to get the job done? Or are they rewarded for remembering to take care of their health through diet, exercise, and maintaining a healthy balance between home and work?

You’ll see Less Down Time

Not only will your team perform better as you encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle, but you’ll also experience less down time! As you and your coworkers enjoy your vacation days, exercise, and a healthy diet, you’ll notice that you need to take fewer sick days. You won’t need to call the doctor or head to urgent care as frequently. For a small business, this can have a huge impact on insurance rates, which can in turn affect your paycheck, too!

You and your team will be happier

When you start teaching your coworkers and team, through your positive example, to take care of their health, they’ll take notice. They’ll start to follow your example. And, as you and your team can use healthy lifestyle activities to continue your team building, you’ll see something amazing: job satisfaction will skyrocket. Employees and coworkers love being appreciated and noticed. And as an employer or team manager shows interest in their team, their team will respond positively.

What will you do to live healthier today?

No matter your current health habits, it’s always possible to improve. It’s always possible to be better at leading by example and by being a positive support to those around you. We’re going to improve by placing an increased focus on keeping ourselves, and our staff, moving. We’ll also opt for a healthier lunch today. How about you? What will you do to promote a healthier lifestyle today?

Photo Credit: US Department of Agriculture