Congratulations, Team USA! Winning the Women’s World Cup is a team effort, and Team USA showed true teamwork in action throughout the match. That’s the kind of teamwork that we should want to emulate no matter what industry or field we’re playing in. Let’s take a few minutes to learn five important skills from Team USA’s monumental win.

Step 1: Practice Every Step

This goes beyond just “practice makes  perfect.” In order to be a World Cup competitor, this team of women has had to practice for hours, weeks, and years. They’ve had to master the game fundamentals, breathe game dynamics, and put their entire focus on getting to that single, final game. Along the way, they’ve kept practicing and perfecting their skills both individually and together.

Step 2: Teamwork in Action

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum: it takes hard work and dedication by the whole team. That kind of dedication is easier to sustain when the team sees itself as a single unit or family. These women are family. These women practice together, sweat together, plan together, eat together, cry together, and share their lives together. Their families probably commiserate together while their wife or mom is playing soccer; they probably sit together and cheer during games.

Now, is it possible for every business team to get this close? When you see the results that Team USA was able to muster, it’s sure inspiring to try and follow their lead!

Step 3: Strategy

Just as Team USA had to depend on their practice and team unity, they also had to develop, memorize, and implement a team strategy. They had to learn plays, team maneuvers, and prepare for every type of scenario possible. They also needed a strategy off the field, when it came to maintaining their physical and mental health in peak form.

Step 4: Maintaining Enthusiasm

Not only did Team USA manage to maintain their enthusiasm throughout the playoffs, but they managed to keep their spirits high when it was show time. It can be hard to keep motivated when the ref misses an obvious foul or a sale falls through. But Team USA shows that it’s possible, as a team, to pull through for the win.

Step 5: Compete to Win

If you ask an athlete why they love to play soccer, they may tell you that they play for the love of the game. What they may not say, however, is how much they also love winning. When Team USA went into that match, they weren’t going in to enjoy a recreational game. They went there to win!

How does your team compare?

Thankfully, your team probably won’t be asked to compete in a soccer arena against a World Cup team. They will, however, be asked to compete against other sellers, providers, or companies. How does your team do on each of these five steps? Will you be able to put on your game faces and win, too?

We believe in teamwork and unity: we know it’s the secret behind strong, successful businesses. Is your team ready to show the world its mettle? What will you do to take your team to the next level?

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