Best In Tech

Right now, we live in a tech-savvy world and there’s no getting away from it. So, if your company is looking for promotional giveaways this conference season, how about a savvy tech gadget that your clients can use throughout their workday. We can help you choose from some of the best-branded electronic items as giveaways, super cool and trendy but at affordable prices.

Check out our 2013 ‘Best in Tech’ selection of products:

  • Tablet cases and embroidered cross-body tablet bags
  • Emergency lights which double up as phone chargers
  • Bluetooth keyboards with sleeves
  • Stylus pens that light up and work on all touch screen gadgets like iPhones, tablets and smart phones
  • Translucent get cases for iPhones.

And if you want to show that there is a fun side to you, we have a cute and innovative alarm clock that actually runs away – and yes, it’s called the Run-away Alarm Clock. While you can hit the snooze button on conventional alarm clocks (and fall right back to sleep), this spunky little timepiece will force you out of bed. Once the alarm goes off, the clock will wait a bit for you to wake up and turn it off. After that, it will jump off the table, run around the room and even hide. So you will have to chase it – or look for it – to turn it off. And if that doesn’t make people think of your company, one way or the other, nothing will! Another fun and novel item is the USB fragrance dispenser. It plugs in to any USB port and emits a perfume –aromatherapy while you work! What an effective way to keep the recipient of your gift aware of your brand!

2013 Best in Tech Product catalog