Who wouldn’t love their company to be a household name? Everyone is vying for that top-tier position. Even name brands who already *are* household names have to keep working to stay that way!

That being said, here are our 3 best places that you need to be to build brand recognition – and then keep it.

Industry Associations: connect with colleagues

While your industry has at least one important association, there may be several others that you should consider joining. For example: there are several medical professions that have organizations on the state level and then again on the national level! Joining both of those helps those professionals to have access to a wide range of resources, networking, and industry expertise.

Beyond just the state and national levels, there may also be an international or worldwide association for your industry. Not only is it a great way to connect with colleagues (and build brand recognition among your associates), it’s also a great way to further network and start building possible joint ventures!

Trade Shows: get your name known!

Trade shows are a *fantastic* way to get your name seen. Depending on the type of trade show, you may have a booth set up to showcase your products and services. Or you may have the opportunity to give a short talk, training, or presentation.

While public speaking isn’t on most people’s top 10 favorite activities of all times, giving a speech or presentation can be a great way to strut your stuff. In most instances, the opportunity to train will come with the chance to present your company or a specific product is well worth the butterflies!

LinkedIn: use groups to build brand recognition

Of all of the places you need to be to build brand recognition, though, this is by far the most important one. You need to be on LinkedIn – and you need to join groups. What groups do you join? Well, you’ll want to join two types of groups: one to keep up with industry news and associates. The other kinds of groups are those where your clients and leads meet.

This way, you’ll be able to be part of the associations and a virtual trade show – all from the comfort of your office chair.

Are you on LinkedIn?

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