Just like you, we’ve been looking back on 2015 and setting our goals for 2016. As we look back, we’ve been through a whole rush of emotions. We’ve been elated at the growth we’ve seen; we’ve been so appreciative of our clients and partners. We’ve truly been blessed and had a great year. One of our biggest surprises ties in to this SEO case study we’ll be sharing with you.

SEO Case Study: making yourself visible in a cluttered world

Being seen (and being able to be seen) is a huge deal in the online world. Without going into too many details, search engine optimization (SEO) is the way that you make sure that people can find your website. It used to mean keyword stuffing – seeing how many times we could put a search word or phrase into a webpage or on a blog post. It made for some really awkward reading.

Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, it’s more important to balance the searching terms with easily readable posts. So we’ve done some serious SEO through our blogging. We’ve optimized pages and posts. We’ve added key terms and search phrases. And we’ve done it all so that people and clients, like you, can find us easier.

After only a few months, all of that hard work has paid off.

Our previous marketing technique was propelled strongly by word of mouth and referrals. And while we’ve been an industry leader for years through this very successful strategy, we wanted to keep growing so that we can offer even more products and services to our valued partners.

So we looked into expanding our online footprint through SEO. And it’s working. We’ve recently added a new client who found us purely through our SEO efforts. And, thanks to the snowball like effects of SEO, we’re excited to continue this trend of being better able to serve our clientele through increased visibility.

As we head into 2016, we’ll continue to use SEO to make sure that you’re always able to find Inproma when you need us. We’ll continue to offer you the best possible content through our weekly blog posts. And you’ll keep getting the top of the line care you’re accustomed to receiving as an Inproma partner.

Thank you again for an amazing 2015. We’re excited for an even better 2016 together.

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