As you engage your team, you’re going to find a lot of great perks. Your team will accomplish more, perform better, be more united, and have a better retention rate.

We’ve seen this in our own team: as we’ve used these top 5 ways to engage our own team, they’ve become happier and more productive. They love working here and we love working with them. And, as a result, our clients are better cared for and love us, too. Everyone wins! So without further ado, here are the top 5 ways to engage your team.

1. Recognize your team’s efforts & achievements

Your team puts in a lot of effort. And, as the achieve more, they deserve to be recognized.

There’s an old, inspirational story about a new teacher who got a class with a poor reputation. The class was low performing, low achieving, and miserable. But the teacher saw their roster – and that their IQ test scores were high! This teacher began to engage the class, recognizing their efforts and achievements. Soon, the class was the highest performing in the school.

Oh, and those “IQ scores”? Yeah. Turns out those were their locker numbers.

2. Inspire greatness

People tend to be like those that they associate with. So if you’re inspiring them to be greater, they’re going to try to be greater – simply by association! How do you inspire greatness?

There are a lot of ways to do it. One way is by expecting it and communicating that expectation. People will rise (or sink) to the expectations of others. Why not make sure that it’s going towards greatness?

3. Award exemplary accomplishments & milestones

Ready for another story? Great! There was once a stubborn mule who refused to pull a cart. The farmer tried riding crops, switches, and everything he could to get this mule to move. But nothing worked. Finally, out of desperation, he walked across the yard and pulled out a carrot to eat. Wouldn’t you know it – the mule followed right along and chomped on the carrot.

You want action and results? Use awards and recognition to inspire your team. Maybe use something better than a carrot, though.

4. Use team building

If you want a great team, you have to build it. Remember the film “Remember the Titans”? The only way to build a team is by working together to achieve a goal.

You don’t have to run two or three a day practices to reach team unity, though. Team building exercises and activities will do just fine.

5. Incentivize your work environment

If you haven’t seen the movie “Mary Poppins,” then please go do so now! She’s got the perfect solution to incentivizing your workplace. What’s her secret? Easy. She turns the job into a game. Then, *snap!* the job gets done. By using incentives, goals, and gameifying your work culture, your employees will find the fun.

By creating a fun, game-like environment, your employees will love coming to work and getting their jobs done.

There you have it! Our top 5 ways to engage your team. What other ways have you found to engage your teams?

Do you need help providing awards, rewards, or figuring out how to incentivize your office, let us help. Just give us a call!

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