With only a few weeks left until the next Star Wars movie, we’re reminded about the power and influence that color has on a brand and image. Within Star Wars, for example, color meant everything. Bad guys wore black (Darth Vader, the Emperor) and had red lightsabers. Good guys wore white or brown (Luke Skywalker, the Jedi, Princess Leia) and had blue or green lightsabers. When the protagonists were tempted by evil, they wore a mix of brown and black.

Now, while your business probably doesn’t have secret Jedi mind powers, it does have power in the colors that your company chose to represent your brand.

What do different colors mean?

This great graphic combines some of the top companies and the what their colors mean.

Colors and Meanings

Source: The Logo Company

Now, while the experts in the article admit that this is culture dependent, it’s still super interesting to see how our culture interprets colors. Here’s how the colors break down:

  • Yellow is associated with optimism, clarity, and warmth.
  • Orange is friendly, cheerful, and confident.
  • Red is excited, bold, and youthful.
  • Purple is creative, imaginative, and wise.
  • Blue is trustworthy, dependable, and strong.
  • Green is peaceful, signifies growth, and health.
  • Black/white/silver signifies balance, neutrality, and calmness.

What do your colors say about your brand?

Based on all of this, it’s interesting to see how color affects your brand and image. For example, why do so many websites rely on WordPress? Well, for one thing, it’s definitely dependable – a trait associated with the color blue. If you’re reading this on a Firefox browser, you’re probably nodding as you see that the orange fox is related with friendliness and confidence.

Here at Inproma, we’re proud to be associated with boldness, youth, and exuberance. After all, we’re in the business of team building – and what better way to do so than with these great qualities?

What do your company’s colors say about your brand and image? We’d love to hear which colors represent you. Take just a moment and leave a comment below with what your colors are or tag a photo on Facebook with @inpromallc!

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