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Value-Driven Incentive Programs

Create your program brand and reward employees with a badge of honor that will be earned, worn and valued. Build employee engagement with our tailor made programs!


Custom Made Uniforms

Make your brand, and your employees easily recognizable. Save time, money, effort, and storage space with our unique model. Have us design your custom made uniform programs.


Increased Branded Engagement

Build a loyal following of employees and customers by rewarding and thanking them with coveted products. Let us recommend the most innovative products to you.


Valuable Incentives:

We want your employees to have the job satisfaction, loyalty, morale, retention, and success you need to keep your business running smoothly and successfully. By working with Inproma, we can help you build your brand’s value and drive your customer loyalty and customer satisfaction to unexpected heights. We will work with you, providing customized recommendations for your business, to promote brand value utilizing customized products with your brand. Your custom products will be timely, trendy, valuable, and desired, which your employees and clients will see as a desirable badge of honor.

As a result of these morale-building incentives, your clients will be happier, return more often, refer their friends, and increase your overall sales.

Custom Made Uniforms:

Keep your employees looking sharp with our on-demand uniform system. Great uniforms will not only make your company, and your employees, look good, but your brand will be easily recognizable and stand out from the crowd.

Our specialized, custom uniform programs will save you worry, space, and money. You won’t have to worry about overstock of undesirable colors and products any longer. It will also save you on storage space extra supplies, lower your administrative costs, and simplify your purchase and delivery process. Our Web-based stores are user friendly, cost effective, and offer seamless shipping within a mere 2-7 business days. Want kitting, fulfillment, or alterations? We can handle that for you, too.

Increased Brand Engagement:

Let your employees and customers know just how much you truly care about them with our incentive programs. Build camaraderie, increase morale, and promote brand trust at the same time. Your business will be seen for its value, its caring and involved management, and as a great place to work.

These incentives can be offered for a variety of reasons:

  • Years of dedicated service
  • Improved safety standards
  • Lowering company costs
  • Reaching team or individual goals
  • As an employee ‘Thank You’ program
  • To improve health and wellness awareness

 Ensure employee and customer happiness with a custom, cost effective incentive program.


Inproma is known for our in house award winning custom embroidery and digitizing.  With 15+ years of experience, our quality is far superior to most manufacturers winning numerous awards. With in-house embroidery, we control the design elements, quality, and flow of your order to insure accuracyand deliver your products on time. From small, specialized orders to large-scale employee “uniform” programs, Inproma has the skill and capacity to handle nearly any job.


Creative Services

From re-creation of artwork to design and web services, our graphics team can do it all. Whether you are looking to create a new logo, start a marketing campaign or just improve your current employee engagement initiatives, we are here to help. We offer private consultation and brainstorming with our creative account team to get your ideas moving.

Online Company Stores

Web Company stores are you turn-key solution to provide ease of product purchase to engage both employees and customers quickly and easily. You have complete flexibility to choose the products that meet your needs.

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