Happy Employees = Happy Customers
Inspire employees with custom branded products and rewards

Retain employees, show appreciation, and strengthen company culture using customized branded products and rewards.

What's Your Interest?

We give your employees back their time by providing the services they want most,
researching innovative products, creating custom programs, and leveraging technology for purchasing and delivery ease.

Make it Easy to Offer Choices

Pop-Up Web Stores

There is an easier way to give employees gift options, color, and size.  Use Pop-Up web-stores for as long as you like, a day, weeks or months. Let your employees decide on their gift.

When Privacy Matters

Keep sizing private
Keep shipping addresses private
Keep your store Private, Invitation only

Use a Pop-Up store much like any web-store just for a shorter amount of time.  It’s a great way to offer multiple items so your employees can choose what they like best.



Inspire Employees

The most-engaged teams are the most productive. At Inproma, we tailor your branded products purchases to retain great talent, show appreciation, and strengthen company culture.

We make it so easy, you only need to work with us.

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