The links between employee engagement, productivity, incentives, and recognition are clear. If your call center needs an extra boost to hit specific metrics, or your staff’s overall productivity has hit a plateau, you’re on the right page. Recognition and rewards can help encourage whatever behavior you like and work best when they including performance metrics. Call centers are all about metrics. Sales-driven call centers often focus on conversions and average call length, while customer service centers may be more interested in first-call resolution rates. So, listing the KPIs you want to boost should be straightforward.

Highly-engaged employees are the most productive.

The top quartile of engaged employees has 10% higher customer metrics, 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% higher profitability, according to Gallup.

Recognition increases employee engagement.

When asked what their managers and employers could do to get great work from them, employees surveyed by O.C. Tanner listed recognition first, ahead of autonomy and higher pay.

Metrics-based achievements work best.

Gallup found that when employees felt their performance was being tracked, their engagement was two and a half times that of employees who didn’t feel like their work was getting attention.

Make It All About Your People

Call centers can be stressful places, and employee recognition can make all the difference.  Telling people in a tangible, personal way that their efforts are appreciated isn’t just a motivational tool—it’s vital to your team’s well-being.

Employee Incentive Programs for Call Centers: What You Get

A Positive Return on Investment

The budget can be a sticking point for many initiatives. If you don’t have a budget in mind, determine if the results you receive will justify your investment. You know what hitting your goals on specific KPIs/metrics is worth to your organization, so use that as your guide to determine an incentive program’s value. As an example, If you increase your KPI by 10% what would your profitability be? Even if you invest 20% of the gains, you will be much better off than not doing anything at all.  

A properly-designed incentive program increases in ROI over time. Word spreads among employees (“Where’d you get the swag?”), more of them work towards the goals, and your organization hits more of its metrics. Every reward earned represents great work and numbers met, so the more winners you have, the better your call center performs.

Time Savings

You may be worried that designing an incentive program is a time-consuming process that you simply can’t manage with the limited time you have.

Although your managers will still have a hand in inspiring and motivating your workforce, Inproma’s incentive programs are designed to require minimum management, and we handle all fulfillment issues. You’ll get all the benefits of a program designed just for your organization without having to research, coordinate, and administer it all yourself.

Recognition for Your Best People

Recognition taps into the very human need to feel valued and can, therefore, mean the difference between an enthusiastic worker and a disgruntled employee.

With a properly-designed professional incentive program, employees get public recognition from managers and are rewarded something recognizable as having been achieved through the program, like high-quality logoed products (this is no time for cheap trinkets). Then, when employees bring those items (or wear them) to work, their peers can recognize them again, asking about what it took to earn the prize. It’s a badge of honor.

Employee Incentive Programs for Call Centers: More for Employers

With standard points-based incentive programs, you never know exactly when employees will use their points. Your company carries a liability until they are redeemed. With Inproma, you know what you’ll be spending per quarter, and why. The cost is fixed at the beginning of the program; you can determine how many winners there will be, which rewards they’ll get, and the budget of the program. Accounting will love you for that predictability, while your employees will feel recognized and motivated.

If your team needs a spark to help reach its goals, or your current rewards program isn’t getting the job done, we should talk. We’ve helped organizations recognize and reward their workforces for years, and are ready to do the same for you.

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