Scientists are the foundation for Biotech companies


They’re the most valuable members of your organization—when it comes to revenue generation, that is—and they have the potential to drive your entire company’s financial success. They’re also some of the most difficult to keep focused and motivated.

We all know that talented scientists are highly sought after by companies across the scientific community, and someone is always looking to snag the best from their existing positions.

The best companies have discovered how to inspire their scientists and motivate them to stay around for the long haul. And although turn over may seem low in Biotech it doesn’t mean they are continually motivated.   We know you must start with competitive compensation and benefits. However, you may want to look at other ways of appreciating your staff and I mean ALL of your staff. The key strategy involves motivating employees at all levels, and not just the top. By starting with competitive compensation and adding meaningful methods of appreciation, you can engage your team and encourage them to reach even higher professional goals within your company.

Many companies spend so much time and money rewarding the top 5% of their sales force.  They get a vacation to Bermuda, bonuses, and even cars. But what about the scientists?  How motivating is it to know that you will never receive the same privilege as the sales staff?  Where are the Travel incentives? Don’t the scientists create future products for the company and create the product pipeline?

You earn good money for your company, but you are not quite the Super Star other coworkers are and you feel unmotivated. How much more profitability would your company have if researchers read another article that could finalize that next synthesis or was motivated enough to run another experiment before going home?  What would that look like for your company?

How to Reward Your Sales Team

Compensation isn’t everything. Company culture is.

Meaningful performance-based benefits help build culture from the ground up.

Salespeople are some of the most well-paid employees in any company. It’s easy to track how much money they’re bringing into the organization and reward them according to these contributions. However, this is a cold system that leaves employees feeling like replaceable cogs in a machine. Salespeople are usually competitive.  Motivate them by adding human-friendly perks that really matter—most salespeople love bragging rights. Use rewards as a badge of honor and see what happens.

When you reward your sales employees with meaningful perks, you’re not just investing in their longevity. You’re showing tangible appreciation for their hard work. You’re making a conscious investment in their happiness—not just their ability to work harder, better, or faster.  

Some performance-based perks involve development and leadership opportunities that help your team members advance professionally. These programs will differ between companies and depend heavily on the structure of your organization. We won’t touch on these performance rewards, but know that they’re powerful motivators for keeping your sales team engaged and increasing employee loyalty in the long term.

For now, we suggest trying other practical applications that any CEO or sales manager could launch this year.

Branded Apparel

Custom uniforms with your program motto and in-office branded apparel aren’t just for looks. When a company’s branded apparel is differentiated for top achievers, it can have a really big impact on how the entire floor performs. We’ve seen this strategy work wonders for call centers, warehouses, and tech startups alike. Try awarding your top performers with a custom uniform and see how others clamor to earn the same bragging rights. Friendly competition might be the best motivator we’ve found yet.

Try a Custom Employee Rewards Program

If there’s one performance-based incentive that really makes employees inspired and excited to come to work each day, it’s rewards programs. We’re not talking about outdated points systems or department-wide competitions. Instead, we’re suggesting integrative programs that push people on all levels of the sales team to meet their specialized and individual goals.

Employee incentive programs have been proven to increase employee engagement across industries. But they work particularly well in a sales department, where metrics are abundant and numbers are carefully monitored. It’s also the perfect playground for measuring the ROI of the program to see if you’d like to expand this performance enhancing incentive into other departments in your company.

When you launch a custom rewards program with Inproma, first find out what inspires your team and envision your program around those motivations. Understanding your team mentality and engaging in team building can really help you inspire your salespeople on a higher level. Start by designing performance goals for each level of your sales team. Inproma will do the rest by integrating mobile apps and social media to keep all your employees plugged in and engaged in their progress.

Our rewards speak for themselves. And with Inproma programs, the bar moves ever higher at a rate that makes sense for each employee or role. Achievers at all levels will be rewarded again and again as they continue to reach new goals.

Try using a custom rewards program to inspire your sales team. We know you’ll be impressed—and surprised—by the result.

Let’s Get Started

Sales employees are crucial to the success of any business. They’re also hard to hang onto and expensive to rehire. By offering meaningful compensation and exciting performance-based incentives, your company can become a place where salespeople stick around and perform for years to come.

Interested in learning more about Inproma’s custom employee rewards programs? We work with companies of all sizes to improve engagement and retention rates through exciting and motivating rewards. We’re ready to share our knowledge and experience with you to help get your sales team inspired and motivated to reach big goals. Let’s talk.

Inproma’s custom employee incentive programs get results. From design to fulfillment, we can handle all the behind-the-scenes requirements. If your employee benefits aren’t producing the results you need, or your current incentive program isn’t getting anywhere, let’s talk.

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